Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Science fair, steam fair, innovation day, whatever you want to call it.

On Thursday, March fifth, 2020 we had innovation day.

My type of project informative, My project was on Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

What is Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Dilated Cardiomyopathy is a heart disease that affects the hearts the heart’s left and right ventricles, upper and lower chambers and the atria. This disease is most common for people ages 60 and up but there are some people much younger who have it too. Most of the time the disease starts in the left ventricle which is the heart’s main pumping chamber.

When the chambers grow the heart muscles don’t contract properly and have a hard time pumping blood. If the heart continues to get weaker heart failure can occur. Some symptoms of heart failure are as follows: shortness of breath, tiredness, swelling around the ankle, legs and veins in the neck.

How does Dilated Cardiomyopathy work

  1. Genetic disorder or virus 
  2. The virus destroys muscle lining surrounding the heart that helps it pump
  3. The weak heart is trying to get rid of all the water but salt retains the water
  4.  Too hard for the heart to pump so much water because the muscle is too weak
  5.  The blood does not have enough momentum to travel far enough and get to the organs because the heart can not squeeze hard enough
  6.  The heart has to pump extra blood very fast to push all the blood that can not get to the organs, to the organs which causes the heart muscle to enlarge, thin out and weaken

Is there a cure for Dilated Cardiomyopathy

The short answer is no, but there are many different kinds of medication that the doctors can prescribe that help with the disease. There is something that was put into some people’s heart that looks like this.





It is a little machine that tracks patterns in the heart. Doctors say that 2 weeks before heart failure, there are patterns in the heart’s beating that are unusual. Because the machine tracks the patterns it tells the doctors about those patterns every day. Every morning, those people lay down on a wifi and Bluetooth enabled pillow and press some buttons to connect the pillow with the machine. It then sends the information to the doctors so that they can change their medication to try and prevent heart failure.


The questions on my feedback survey were:


What did you like about my project?

What did you learn from my presentation?

Was my board eye-catching?

On a scale from 1-10, how informative was my presentation?


A summary of the responses from my survey:

ow informative my presentation was and how much I knew.

They also liked my games

They learned about the heart and Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

Most people said that my board was eye-catching.

11% of people said that my board was kind of eye-catching.

How informative was my presentation out of 10:

58.3% said 10/10

25% said 9/10

16.7% said 8/10

Thank you for listening to my presentation

Pink Apron




 Mes Meilleurs vacances

 Mes Meilleurs vacances



En 2013 ma famille a voyagé à Vancouver 

et nous avons fait beaucoup de choses très amusants!

Vancouver a beaucoup  d’arbres, poissons, restaurants et beaucoup beaucoup de totames et des feuilles! Vancouver est une ville très jolie! J’ai aimé Vancouver, ma famille a aimé Vancouver aussi!


 Ce qu’on a fait

A Vancouver nous avons fait beaucoup de choses amusants comme choisir des boutons speciale dans un magasin de bouton et on a mangé Ben and Jerry’s.  Nous avons mangé des sushis et des poissons. A Vancouver les poissons sont tres delicieux parce que il y a un océan a Vancouver.

Nous sommes allé chez un de ami de mon papa. Le pere s’appelle  Erez, la mere s’appelle Lori et leur fille s’appelle Dora.

Nous sommes alle au  zoo et nous avons vu des Peacock! Au zoo, une chevre a essaye de manger mes cheveux. A Vancouver nous avons rencontre Rick Hansen.


Ce que nous avons vu

A Vancouver nous avons regardé beacoup de choses tres cool comme les totames, il y a eu des feuilles plus grandes que ma figure. Nous avons vu les grands supermarches et les marches.  

Vancouver est jollie et tu est ton famille a visite!                                                                                                                         


Judaic Studies

Hi, it’s Pink Apron,

I am here to tell you about two of the morning prayers in Judaism.

The first one is called Modeh Ani, Modeh Ani is thanking God for returning your soul

and giving me another day to live. It is also thanking God for being healthy.

The second prayer is Torah Torah, it is thanking God for giving us Moshe’s Torah.


Thank you for reading my post

Pink Apron

Jewish Holidays


It’s Pink Apron.

So, for the week 3 blogging challenge, the task was to learn about a topic of my choice and teach it to other people.

It just so happens that I am Jewish. Recently, there were 3 Jewish holidays in a row, so I decided to use Jewish holidays as my topic and explain them to you. There is also a holiday in the near future that I wanted to explain as well.

So, the first holiday in the September and October holidays is Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year.

On Rosh Hashanah, we eat apples and honey for a sweet new year.

On the days leading up to Rosh Hashanah, we blow a ram’s horn to remind us to wake up and have a good day.

The ten days after Rosh Hashanah are called the ten days of repentance. At the end of those ten days, we have Yom Kippur, which is a sad holiday. Because it is a sad holiday, we repent and fast for 25 hours.

After Yom Kippur we have Sukkot.  Sukkot is a holiday where we build a temporary hut in which we eat.

Some people even sleep in there Sukkah!

We build a Sukkah to remind us of the huts in which the Jewish people lived.  They lived in these huts when they were wandering in the desert for 40 years after they were released from slavery in Egypt.

Hannukah is the last holiday I want to tell you about.

On Hannukah we celebrate 2 miracles.  The first miracle relates to the Maccabees, who were a small army of Jews who fought against the Greek army trying to destroy them. They fought for their lives and for the temple, a holy place for the Jewish people.

The second miracle relates to a tiny jug of oil that the Maccabees found after the temple was destroyed. They thought that the oil would only be able to keep the menorah lit for 1 day. Instead, it lasted for eight whole days and the Maccabees were able to clean up and rebuild the temple and make more oil, too. That is why we celebrate this holiday for eight days.

A menorah is a small, nine-branch candelabra. The middle branch is the tallest and called the shamash. It lights all the other candles.

We start by lighting one candle and light one candle each night. Some people even celebrate those miracles by giving gifts to their kids.

I love celebrating all of these holidays.

Of these four holidays, my favourite is Hannukah.

Thanks for reading my post

Pink Apron

About Me


I am Pink Apron,

I am a ten-year-old girl in fifth grade.

and I am from Ottawa. Here are some of my hobbies,
Backing, reading and spending time with my family.

I have a sister and a brother and I love to learn.
When I found out tat we were blogging I got so excited!

I speak English, French and Hebrew.
My favourite food is Sushi and I love cupcakes.

Thank you for reading my blog!