How I learn

In Advisory, we completed a quiz that told us what type of learner we are.

In this quiz, I was categorized as a mainly visual learner. I have half as many traits of an auditory learner as a visual learner but I am not that surprised. Something that I am surprised about is the fact that I have 2 points towards tactile/kinesthetic learning! I would have never guessed that. One reason that I agree with me being a visual learner is because most of the suggestions were things that I already do to help me learn or study.  When I learn in class, I do things like highlight my works in bright colours, visualize the scenes from books as I read them and colour coat different categories or classes. I really agree with the learning strategies that it gave for my type of learner. Another type of learning that this quiz says works for me, is auditory learning. I don’t agree with this as much but I don’t think that it is necessarily wrong. Some things that I do or am planning to do related to auditory learning are: repeating instructions back to a teacher or a friend to clarify, read textbooks or notes out loud when studying, create songs when memorizing things, say what I learned out loud and studying in the same quiet spot everyday. I think that these will help me learn better. I can’t really think of a time that I was a kinesthetic learner but sometimes to keep information in my head while I learn, I like to walk around my room but that is the only example of something tactile that I do while I learn. Maybe I will start doing more… What type of learner are you?

Winter Break


Winter is coming, and it is coming sooner than expected because it started to get really cold, and it started getting cold mid November!  I am really excited for winter break even though I don’t think we have anything planned. Maybe we will go to Toronto. I hate cold weather! Like, I HATE it! It is so cold and dry and awful!! The only things that are good about winter are skating, sledding, hot chocolate, and those maple syrup lollipops. Those are really yummy! I love the warm weather so so much! I could live in warm weather my entire life! My birthday is March 20. This might seem like random information but my birthday is actually fitting for me! How? You ask, well, my birthday is the last day of winter and also the first day of spring! I love hot chocolate! Last year, around this time, hot chocolate bombs were going viral! Like, everyone was making them! So, me and my best friend Ella made hot chocolate bombs when we were having a sleep over! We didn’t have the right molds so they didn’t work but they were still delicious! Everyone loved them, especially her little sister Lila! I hope you enjoy your winter break! Happy holidays! 


Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Thank you for picking us up when we fall. Thank you for making us food even when we weren’t going to eat it. Thank you for hugging us when you were hurting too. Thank you for loving us when we were angry at you. Thank you for solving our problems even when it was more work for you. Thank you for giving us a life when we didn’t ask to be born. Thank you for buying us toys even though we didn’t deserve it. We love you and appreciate you more than you know and we will never be able to thank you enough. We love you!


Pink Apron

Paragraph of The Week!

Here is my paragraph of the week!

Question: What do you do that makes you the most happy? Why do you think this provides you with happiness?


When I am sad, some things that make me happy are things like  reading,

 baking ,hanging out with my friends, and calling my extended family. Now I know that my family should make me happier than baking, but it is a close call… I love to bake! I love to make cakes, cookies, brownies, mug cakes and macarons!

Baking just makes me so happy! The smell of the cookies or decorating the cakes or even burning a mug cake in someone else’s house (which I actually did).

I also love to read! I love to read because, you know, in movies how when there is a happy scene or a scene when something exciting happens and you start smiling without even noticing it, yeah that happens in books too. Even if you don’t realize it, you will be happy if you read something happy! It is just like if you see a fire even if it is cold, you will feel warm! I just feel so nice after I just sit down and read for a while!

What makes you happy?

Thanks for reading!


A Book That Impacted Me.

In English class today, we had to write a paragraph about a book, movie or tv show that impacted us.

Here is mine!

I think that a book that impacted me was Length of a String. It was such an incredible book! I loved it so much that I didn’t wan’t to stop reading! I read a couple pages one day and then a few weeks later I read 300 pages and finished the book! Length of a string was about a girl who was adopted into a Jewish family.Here name is Imani, she is going to have her Bat Mitzvah soon and as her gift, she wants to meet her birth mother but doesn’t want to ask her parents. Later she found out that her great grandmother had passed away and they were going to clear her house. While they were clearing her house, Imani found here great grandmother’s old journal and started reading it. It was from the holocaust! Then the book goes back and forth between the book and Imani’s life. In the journal her great grandmother and her siblings ha to be seperated and the book is all about that. Eventually, Imani finds her great grandmother’s long lost brother and they go see him for her Bat Mitzvah gift!

Thanks for reading!