My summer!


It’s Pink Apron.

I wanted to tell you about my summer.

The first little bit of summer I ran a camp for my little brother while my parents worked. We did so many fun activities and learning games that I made! Then I babysat during the day for a few days. After that my dad took a few weeks off and he took us places. It was fun! But, the thing that I wanted to write abut the most was our two weeks with my Mom! Those two weeks were so much fun! every single day we went to a different little town! On our first day of the two weeks, we drove to Kingston.
After we arrived in Kingston, we went to Fort Henry. It was amazing! Fort Henry Is the place where they used to defend Kingston when it was the capital of Canada. It switched to Ottawa about 1867 because Kingston was surrounded by water so it was too difficult to defend. It was cool to see where different ranked soldiers slept and worked!
When we had seen all of Fort Henry we went downtown and walked around.
We had so much fun downtown! We got ice cream and souvenirs!
After that, we went to our hotel and checked in. By then it was almost dinner time so we went and ordered sushi from a restaurant right to our room!
After we finished our dinner, we went swimming. We had a great time! We got showered and ready for bed and then went to sleep. The next day we went to Wolfe island. We took a ferry to get onto the island. There was nothing to do on Wolfe island. The beach was closed and the rest of the island was carn and windmills. Miles and miles of corn! After Wolfe island, we drove around a bit and then got lunch. After that, we headed back home.
The next day we headed to Perth! It is a little town with some stores and a beautiful little pond. Next to the pond, there is a little cottage-like home with tons and tons of flowers!
Everyone says that when you are in Perth, you feel like you are in Europe. After that, we went to Mississipi mills. There was not much to do or see except a beautiful waterfall! But it was fun just to walk around.
The next day we are all so excited because we get to go to the Cumberland heritage museum! The Cumberland heritage museum is a small piece of land that they turned into an area where you feel like you are a pioneer. They have little buildings that you can look inside and they show what those places used to look like. Fire station, general store, rich and poor family house etc. After Cumberland village, we went to the carp custom creamery. We had amazing ice cream there! The next day we were all tired and my sister was hanging out with her friend so we went to volunteer at the Kosher food bank and then we went to the maple hill urban farms. The maple hill urban farms is a farm where one man grows all of his vegetables hydroponically. He also has some animals that we saw (the chickens and ducks rome around freely). The man gave us a little tour of the gardens and we bought some produce from his little shop. It was beautiful and the man was so nice! 10 out of 10 would recommend it! The next weekday was Monday and we went on a few walks and we jumped on the trampoline. After that, I made a really long scavenger hunt for my siblings.
Tuesday we drove to Montreal and went to the botanical gardens. They were beautiful!
After that, we checked into our hotel and got dinner. The next day we went to the At Water market and then got lunch. After lunch, we went to see our friends in their backyard! Then we headed home. The next day we spent at home and going on a nature walk. On our last day we
Went to a petting zoo with tons of animals that you can pet and feed. Then we went apple picking. When we got home I made an apple crumble!  Overall I had an amazing summer with my family!

Why don’t you tell me about your summer in the comments!