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In Language Arts, we were assigned the talk of writing a memoir. A memoir is written about one impactful thing in our lives. So, I wrote about the night I met my best friend! We also had to answer a few questions, so here they are!

1.Why did you choose this topic to write about?

 I chose to write about meeting my best friend because she had a big impact on my life! When I met her, I had lots of friends, but no best friend! And certainly no one like Na’ama!

2.How did that particular topic change or influence you as a person?

Na’ama has influenced me a lot because she inspires me and she is someone I look up to! She is so kind, generous, smart, funny and amazing! Na’ama is incredible and I am so grateful for her everyday!

3. What lesson can the reader learn from your memoir?

I think the reader can learn that even if you think something isn’t going to go well, or you don’t think someone wants to be friends with you, try it anyways! You never know what may happen! That is how I felt when I talked to Na’ama for the first time! And I am so glad I did!

Here is the memoir!

 The Night I Met My Best Friend

I was kind of nervous because I walked into the information night with my mom right behind me. I saw Vicky (the head of camp) and all the other parents and kids there! I only knew the people hosting the event and one mom who goes to the same Shul (synagogue) Other than that, I didn’t know anyone!! Then, my mom pointed out a girl, she looked my age! She had red long hair, really pretty earrings and super cool boots! My mom said to me as we were taking off our boots, “You see that girl, she raised over $100,00 for her brother who has a special condition!” “Wow!” I exclaimed. I walked over to the circular table where everyone was sitting, we introduced ourselves then I went to introduce myself to the girl that I saw before! 


“Hi! My name is Mia!” “Hi. I am Na’ama.” She said Shyly. “I like your shirt!” “Thanks,” I said. “Are you going to camp?” Na’ama said. To which I responded, “All my friends went to camp last year and they all started talking about it so when I got home I started crying because all my friends were going to overnight camp and I wasn’t so my mom said I could go this year!” “Last night I went to an information night for camp “Ramah ”. I didn’t like it at all! I do not want to go there! What about you? Are you going to camp?” “Yeah!” Na’ama said excitedly!


 Then Vicky said that we were all going to have dinner and dessert now! Na’ama and I had been talking but we were also listening to Vicky! We thought this camp was so cool! My Mom signaled me to come over while vicky and the host family went to get the pizza and dessert! “Mia, what do you think about this place? And, do you like that girl?”  I said to my Mom “Na’ama is so nice!! She is super awesome! I wish she could come to my school! And I really like this place! Much better than Ramah! I want to keep listening so we can decide but I think I want to go here!” “Ok” My mom said! Then I went back to Na’ama. We ate pizza and Kosher skittles! Neither of us had ever had a skittle! We both tried it at the same time! 1…2..3… GO! It was really good! It was the citrus flavoured one! It tasted like a chewy lime candy! Then we had cheese pizza from Montreal! We went to the basement to watch a promotional video! The video was amazing! I knew I wanted to go to this camp! The video showed activities on the lake like canoeing, kayaking, water slide blow up jungle gym things and so much more! They also showed things like baking, a small farm, dance, colour war and learning Torah! After the video we went upstairs and they brought out cupcakes! The cupcakes smelled delicious! They were so pretty too! They were vanilla! My favourite! “Hey Na’ama! When is your birthday?” “My birthday is July 7th!” She replied. “What did you do for your birthday Mia?’’ “Well,” I said “I had a birthday party at this awesome rock climbing gym! There were so many obstacles! And, they let the birthday person do one special obstacle! I chose the one where I went up a tall ladder, only a ledge and jumped off! It was so high!” “That sounds fun! What school do you go to?” Na’ama said.  “ I go to OJCS! It stands for ‘’ The Ottawa Jewish Community School! We spent the whole night talking (and we haven’t stopped talking since!)! I tried to convince her to go to OJCS. Eventually it worked! Na’ama is my best friend! She is someone who I truly value as a part of my life! I could never have asked for a more devoted, kind, true, sympathetic, funny, sincere, incredible, beautiful, smart, fun loving and best friend! I am so lucky to have Na’ama in my life!

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “My Memoir

  1. Hi Pink Apron,
    I just finished reading your post, it is very good. camp sounds like a lot of fun and Na’ama does two. I have one quick question though, how old were you when you met Na’ama? I love reading about your blog, keep posting.


  2. Hey Pink Apron!

    After reading your memoir it is clear that Na’ama’s friendship is special. I can also remember the first time I met my best friend. Once you became best friends, what was your favorite memory you shared together at camp?

    You did a great job incorporating sensory language into this post. The emotion of this memoir leaped off of the page. One suggestion for next time is to remember to check your capitalization.

    Keep up the great work!

    -Mr. Wash

  3. Nice job Pink Apron!
    I loved your memoir speech and loved your title.
    Do you think your life would be different without a best friend like Na’ama?

  4. Hi Pink Apron!
    Your memoir was very enjoyable and I wanted to keep reading. You really show how important Na’ama is in your life in detail! I also like how much dialogue there is in your memoir because it makes me feel like I understand the relationship between you two even more. Nice job!

  5. Dear Pink Apron,
    You are so right…Na’ama is an amazing person and a great friend. You are both lucky to have each other! I also met some of my closest friends at camp; I’m so glad you found a place and a person you love 😉
    Do you still go the same camp (during non-Covid times, obviously)? I would imagine it’s been harder to spend time with Na’ama these days. How have you both maintained your friendship?

    Thanks for sharing this great story.

    Mrs. Thompson

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