Qualities in a Friend

In language arts, we were assigned writing a short paragraph responding to this

“What qualities do you look for in your friends? Choose one of these qualities a friend has, and explain in detail why you admire it.”

So… This is what I wrote.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends. My friends are pretty great! I love and admire my friends so much that I am going to write about what I love about them and what my favourite quality is. A quality that I want in a friend is trust. I want to feel that I can trust them and our friendship and I want them to feel the same thing about me. I think that trust is so important because if I can’t trust someone then it doesn’t make me feel like this person is someone I can talk to. I am really not a hard person to win over when it comes to trust (I PROMISE, I AM NOT).

I hope that everyone has a friend or someone in their life that they can trust.


Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Qualities in a Friend

  1. Hi Pink Apron,
    I agree that trust is extremely important in a friendship, and really, in all relationships. We need to trust different people with different things, and once that trust is lost, it’s not always easy to get it back! I’m glad you have people in your life who you trust and who trust you.

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