Winter Break


Winter is coming, and it is coming sooner than expected because it started to get really cold, and it started getting cold mid November!  I am really excited for winter break even though I don’t think we have anything planned. Maybe we will go to Toronto. I hate cold weather! Like, I HATE it! It is so cold and dry and awful!! The only things that are good about winter are skating, sledding, hot chocolate, and those maple syrup lollipops. Those are really yummy! I love the warm weather so so much! I could live in warm weather my entire life! My birthday is March 20. This might seem like random information but my birthday is actually fitting for me! How? You ask, well, my birthday is the last day of winter and also the first day of spring! I love hot chocolate! Last year, around this time, hot chocolate bombs were going viral! Like, everyone was making them! So, me and my best friend Ella made hot chocolate bombs when we were having a sleep over! We didn’t have the right molds so they didn’t work but they were still delicious! Everyone loved them, especially her little sister Lila! I hope you enjoy your winter break! Happy holidays! 

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