How I learn

In Advisory, we completed a quiz that told us what type of learner we are.

In this quiz, I was categorized as a mainly visual learner. I have half as many traits of an auditory learner as a visual learner but I am not that surprised. Something that I am surprised about is the fact that I have 2 points towards tactile/kinesthetic learning! I would have never guessed that. One reason that I agree with me being a visual learner is because most of the suggestions were things that I already do to help me learn or study.  When I learn in class, I do things like highlight my works in bright colours, visualize the scenes from books as I read them and colour coat different categories or classes. I really agree with the learning strategies that it gave for my type of learner. Another type of learning that this quiz says works for me, is auditory learning. I don’t agree with this as much but I don’t think that it is necessarily wrong. Some things that I do or am planning to do related to auditory learning are: repeating instructions back to a teacher or a friend to clarify, read textbooks or notes out loud when studying, create songs when memorizing things, say what I learned out loud and studying in the same quiet spot everyday. I think that these will help me learn better. I can’t really think of a time that I was a kinesthetic learner but sometimes to keep information in my head while I learn, I like to walk around my room but that is the only example of something tactile that I do while I learn. Maybe I will start doing more… What type of learner are you?

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