My Dream Vacation!

In English class, we were assigned the task of writing two paragraphs of sensory writing about our dream vacation! Sensory writing is involving all five sense in your story to make the reader feel more present! For example:  The sky was blue and the ocean was nice! VS The sky was a beautiful blue and the ocean water was salty and fresh! You probably feel more present in the second example. We also had to draw a picture to go with our writing!  Here is mine story and drawing!

My Dream Vacation!
I open my eyes to see a big ocean right in front of me! I sit up, on my bed in my big beautiful beachfront house. Slowly but surely the rest of the family starts to wake up too. Waking up is nice because we get to wake up to the ocean, the sun, and the birds! For breakfast we all make smoothies! My smoothie included fresh juicy pineapple and bright yellow mangoes! Big strawberries and raspberries bursting with freshness! All of the ingredients are grown right on this very island! We all have breakfast together and then get into our bathing suits and snorkeling gear to go see the beautiful coral reef! The ocean is gorgeous, filled with many colours, tons of bright yellow, green, orange, and blue fish! Big pieces of brightly coloured coral fill the ocean floor! The sea air smells salty and fresh. The sky looks bright and sunny! The ocean feels warm and looks very clear. I feel like I am inside a spiral conch shell!

After we go snorkeling, we take a long walk around the island through the tall leafy green trees! We continue walking until we come to the little island tropical restaurant called tropics cafe! The inside of the cafe smells like a pina colada in a coconut cup! All over the walls are photos of the incredible beauty of the island! We all order a salad with only the freshest ingredients! The salad tastes like a sweet and savory flavour explosion! We all drink our fresh orange juice and for dessert, we all shared a small strawberry sorbet! The sorbet was cold on my tongue. It felt just like ice cream though. After lunch we take a canoe back to the main island, we walk around for a few hours with a tour guide explaining the history of the island! During the tour we see butterflies! They are so beautiful! One even landed on my finger! The tour guide said it was called a Julia butterfly! It was very gentle and soft! My parents surprise us by taking us to a luau! A luau is a traditional Hawaiin celebration in the evening with dancing, food, tricks, fire, and performers! It was so much fun! During the luau, we saw our friends the Greens! We had dinner with them then ate ice cream while watching the fireworks on the sand! The sand is the softest thing I have ever felt! It felt like burying your hand into a stuffed animal! We had so much fun and the ice cream was amazing! I hope we can come again next year!

My Rocket

In science class, we had to make a rocket ship on an app called Tinkercad! Tinkercad is a website where you can design something that can be 3D printed! We also had to answer some reflection questions afterwards! Here is a google slides presentation that has everything! Please don’t edit anything!


My Covidcation

When we got back from break, we were assigned an assignment of writing two paragraphs about our winter break. We also needed a visual. My visual is a pixelated photo that I am working on of me and my brother! In the paragraphs, we needed to use three literary devices. (Those are the words in red!)

On my winter break, I ran a camp for my brother! On the first day of camp, we played with my brother’s Chanukkah  gifts which were 4 different dragon collectible toys! The dragon toy came in an egg that you can break open and find your dragon! You can scan a QR code and download an app that displays an arena wherever your camera is (so you can have a fake arena in your house) and then you scan the dragon and it appears on the arena too. Then you can use your dragon to battle another dragon (who is a bot) and you can control your dragon. Then we went on a walk together to give his friend a present! On the walk, my brother kept saying that he wanted to go to the park but it was 7000 steps away! When we got back, we painted a little bit until lunch. For lunch, I made my brother macaroni and cheese and I made myself salmon! While my salmon was in the oven it burst into flames like a forest fire! 


After lunch, we went to dollarama! It was the biggest dollarama I’ve ever seen! It was the size of Costco! We bought so much stuff! We spent almost an hour there and bought five bags worth of stuff! When we got home we made brownies! Inside the brownies, we put whites chocolate and milk chocolate! Then Asher and his friend Nikki played in his room! The next day in the morning we read a little bit and then went on a walk to the park! After the park, it was almost lunch so we made lunch. After lunch, I cut up a cardboard box and made it a big flat strip. Then I outlined a hand multiple tones all over the board and drew fingernails. Then I gave Asher, Nikki, and Noa paint and paintbrushes and they got to paint and decorate the nails!

Then we went outside again and made hot chocolate when we came inside!

The other days we didn’t do much but we had a lot of fun! I love my brother and I can’t wait to spend more time with him on break!

Our Hebrew project

המצגת שלי היא על המטיילים הצעירים שבאים לישראל. אני מספרת עליהם במצגת שהכנתי

Click HERE to see my slides! When you are on the slides you can click the noise icon and it will read you the information in Hebrew about each person!

Science Rocket Analysis

For this assignment, we had to build a rocket! It was a paper rocket with a nose tip, a body and fins.Mine said  rocket in rainbow on the side! I added two different materials into the nose tip. I was learning about the four forces of flight! I learned what other people did through flipgrid! We all made flipgrid videos to show our rockets and answer questions! Here is my video:

I would improve my rocket by trimming the fins to make it more aerodynamic so that it can fly higher, faster, farther and smoother!

Egghead Mixtape Project


It’s Pink Apron! I recently read a book, Egghead. It was about a boy who is bullied. I am not going to say much more because I don’t want to spoil it. Anyways, we were assigned the task of doing a final project and I decided on a mix tape. I took seven songs and put them together. Those seven songs were about something related to the book. The artists of the seven song I chose are:

Taylor Swift,




Will Smith

Sean Combs

Here is the mixtape (sorry about the occasional clicks

I also had to create a Cd cover.  I added the names of four characters and a quote that they said in the book.

We also had to write at least four sentences about why we chose each song. Here are the sentences:

Fifteen = I chose this song because in the beginning of Egghead, Katie and Will are starting high school and that is what the song is about. In the first little bit of the song it says.

Try and stay out of everybody’s way. It’s your freshman year and you’re gonna be here for the next four years. In this town. You don’t want people to hate you from the very beginning because “It’s your freshman year and you’re gonna be here for the next four years.” You don’t want to embarrass yourself on the first day because you are going to be there for the next four years.


The Bully = I chose this song because it is about bullying. In the song it says that “You’ve given all the scars to heal your own.” Shane is bullying Will because he is hurt by Riley so he is taking out his anger on Will.I think this is a good song and this is the only real song about bullying.

You belong with me = I chose this song because Devan likes Katie. In this song, a girl thinks this boy should be her girlfriend but he is dating someone else. This is a similar situation because Devan wants to be Katies girlfriend but Katie isn’t interested in dating. Especially boys like Devan.

Wake me up = I chose this song because Will sounded like he was under a lot of stress.Nobody wants to be under that much stress. I think that Will took the chance to relax in the coma because he didn’t have to worry about any bullies.  Then, Will woke up to one of the bullies now being  nice to him and visiting him in the hospital.    “Wake me up when it’s all over.” Wake me up when the bullying is done.               

Coming home = I chose this song because this is the part of the book where katie’s dad comes home from the hospital and Will goes to live in London. I imagine that Katie is very happy in this part of the book. If your dad came home from the hospital wouldn’t you be happy? Will moves to London. Now, this might not be his home but he will make it one.

Happier = I chose this song because Devan is happy that Katie likes the ant farm. He wants Katie to be happy. So does Will obviously because Will gave  the dinner coupon to Devan and Katie.Katie is happy at the end of the book. She got a date with Devan, a letter from Will and a new ant farm!



Ain’t never had a friend like me = I chose this song because in the end of the book, there are lots of new friends. Will and Katie are kind of friends, Katie and Devan are friends and Devan and Will are friends. I think that Will gave Katie the gift card because he wanted Katie to be happy and he saw that she would be happy with Devan.I think that the author should have made a part of the book where Katie apologizes to Will for what happened at the dance because the letter sounded like he forgave her.




My summer!


It’s Pink Apron.

I wanted to tell you about my summer.

The first little bit of summer I ran a camp for my little brother while my parents worked. We did so many fun activities and learning games that I made! Then I babysat during the day for a few days. After that my dad took a few weeks off and he took us places. It was fun! But, the thing that I wanted to write abut the most was our two weeks with my Mom! Those two weeks were so much fun! every single day we went to a different little town! On our first day of the two weeks, we drove to Kingston.
After we arrived in Kingston, we went to Fort Henry. It was amazing! Fort Henry Is the place where they used to defend Kingston when it was the capital of Canada. It switched to Ottawa about 1867 because Kingston was surrounded by water so it was too difficult to defend. It was cool to see where different ranked soldiers slept and worked!
When we had seen all of Fort Henry we went downtown and walked around.
We had so much fun downtown! We got ice cream and souvenirs!
After that, we went to our hotel and checked in. By then it was almost dinner time so we went and ordered sushi from a restaurant right to our room!
After we finished our dinner, we went swimming. We had a great time! We got showered and ready for bed and then went to sleep. The next day we went to Wolfe island. We took a ferry to get onto the island. There was nothing to do on Wolfe island. The beach was closed and the rest of the island was carn and windmills. Miles and miles of corn! After Wolfe island, we drove around a bit and then got lunch. After that, we headed back home.
The next day we headed to Perth! It is a little town with some stores and a beautiful little pond. Next to the pond, there is a little cottage-like home with tons and tons of flowers!
Everyone says that when you are in Perth, you feel like you are in Europe. After that, we went to Mississipi mills. There was not much to do or see except a beautiful waterfall! But it was fun just to walk around.
The next day we are all so excited because we get to go to the Cumberland heritage museum! The Cumberland heritage museum is a small piece of land that they turned into an area where you feel like you are a pioneer. They have little buildings that you can look inside and they show what those places used to look like. Fire station, general store, rich and poor family house etc. After Cumberland village, we went to the carp custom creamery. We had amazing ice cream there! The next day we were all tired and my sister was hanging out with her friend so we went to volunteer at the Kosher food bank and then we went to the maple hill urban farms. The maple hill urban farms is a farm where one man grows all of his vegetables hydroponically. He also has some animals that we saw (the chickens and ducks rome around freely). The man gave us a little tour of the gardens and we bought some produce from his little shop. It was beautiful and the man was so nice! 10 out of 10 would recommend it! The next weekday was Monday and we went on a few walks and we jumped on the trampoline. After that, I made a really long scavenger hunt for my siblings.
Tuesday we drove to Montreal and went to the botanical gardens. They were beautiful!
After that, we checked into our hotel and got dinner. The next day we went to the At Water market and then got lunch. After lunch, we went to see our friends in their backyard! Then we headed home. The next day we spent at home and going on a nature walk. On our last day we
Went to a petting zoo with tons of animals that you can pet and feed. Then we went apple picking. When we got home I made an apple crumble!  Overall I had an amazing summer with my family!

Why don’t you tell me about your summer in the comments!


Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Science fair, steam fair, innovation day, whatever you want to call it.

On Thursday, March fifth, 2020 we had innovation day.

My type of project informative, My project was on Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

What is Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Dilated Cardiomyopathy is a heart disease that affects the hearts the heart’s left and right ventricles, upper and lower chambers and the atria. This disease is most common for people ages 60 and up but there are some people much younger who have it too. Most of the time the disease starts in the left ventricle which is the heart’s main pumping chamber.

When the chambers grow the heart muscles don’t contract properly and have a hard time pumping blood. If the heart continues to get weaker heart failure can occur. Some symptoms of heart failure are as follows: shortness of breath, tiredness, swelling around the ankle, legs and veins in the neck.

How does Dilated Cardiomyopathy work

  1. Genetic disorder or virus 
  2. The virus destroys muscle lining surrounding the heart that helps it pump
  3. The weak heart is trying to get rid of all the water but salt retains the water
  4.  Too hard for the heart to pump so much water because the muscle is too weak
  5.  The blood does not have enough momentum to travel far enough and get to the organs because the heart can not squeeze hard enough
  6.  The heart has to pump extra blood very fast to push all the blood that can not get to the organs, to the organs which causes the heart muscle to enlarge, thin out and weaken

Is there a cure for Dilated Cardiomyopathy

The short answer is no, but there are many different kinds of medication that the doctors can prescribe that help with the disease. There is something that was put into some people’s heart that looks like this.





It is a little machine that tracks patterns in the heart. Doctors say that 2 weeks before heart failure, there are patterns in the heart’s beating that are unusual. Because the machine tracks the patterns it tells the doctors about those patterns every day. Every morning, those people lay down on a wifi and Bluetooth enabled pillow and press some buttons to connect the pillow with the machine. It then sends the information to the doctors so that they can change their medication to try and prevent heart failure.


The questions on my feedback survey were:


What did you like about my project?

What did you learn from my presentation?

Was my board eye-catching?

On a scale from 1-10, how informative was my presentation?


A summary of the responses from my survey:

ow informative my presentation was and how much I knew.

They also liked my games

They learned about the heart and Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

Most people said that my board was eye-catching.

11% of people said that my board was kind of eye-catching.

How informative was my presentation out of 10:

58.3% said 10/10

25% said 9/10

16.7% said 8/10

Thank you for listening to my presentation

Pink Apron