My Dream Vacation!

In English class, we were assigned the task of writing two paragraphs of sensory writing about our dream vacation! Sensory writing is involving all five sense in your story to make the reader feel more present! For example:  The sky was blue and the ocean was nice! VS The sky was a beautiful blue and the ocean water was salty and fresh! You probably feel more present in the second example. We also had to draw a picture to go with our writing!  Here is mine story and drawing!

My Dream Vacation!
I open my eyes to see a big ocean right in front of me! I sit up, on my bed in my big beautiful beachfront house. Slowly but surely the rest of the family starts to wake up too. Waking up is nice because we get to wake up to the ocean, the sun, and the birds! For breakfast we all make smoothies! My smoothie included fresh juicy pineapple and bright yellow mangoes! Big strawberries and raspberries bursting with freshness! All of the ingredients are grown right on this very island! We all have breakfast together and then get into our bathing suits and snorkeling gear to go see the beautiful coral reef! The ocean is gorgeous, filled with many colours, tons of bright yellow, green, orange, and blue fish! Big pieces of brightly coloured coral fill the ocean floor! The sea air smells salty and fresh. The sky looks bright and sunny! The ocean feels warm and looks very clear. I feel like I am inside a spiral conch shell!

After we go snorkeling, we take a long walk around the island through the tall leafy green trees! We continue walking until we come to the little island tropical restaurant called tropics cafe! The inside of the cafe smells like a pina colada in a coconut cup! All over the walls are photos of the incredible beauty of the island! We all order a salad with only the freshest ingredients! The salad tastes like a sweet and savory flavour explosion! We all drink our fresh orange juice and for dessert, we all shared a small strawberry sorbet! The sorbet was cold on my tongue. It felt just like ice cream though. After lunch we take a canoe back to the main island, we walk around for a few hours with a tour guide explaining the history of the island! During the tour we see butterflies! They are so beautiful! One even landed on my finger! The tour guide said it was called a Julia butterfly! It was very gentle and soft! My parents surprise us by taking us to a luau! A luau is a traditional Hawaiin celebration in the evening with dancing, food, tricks, fire, and performers! It was so much fun! During the luau, we saw our friends the Greens! We had dinner with them then ate ice cream while watching the fireworks on the sand! The sand is the softest thing I have ever felt! It felt like burying your hand into a stuffed animal! We had so much fun and the ice cream was amazing! I hope we can come again next year!

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